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Yes, the title of this post is right: I decided to knit my first pair of socks. I’ve always envied those who knit socks in beautiful yarns and gorgeous pattern as they look so warm, colorful and fun. So I thought to give them a go: an easy pattern – After though heel socks by Laura Hillman – , two beautiful yarns in two amazing colors – Skinny Bugga! By CY in Gregor Samsa and The Plucky Knitter Plucky Feet in Flying Monkey – , perfect for the road trip Owen and I are doing.

At the beginning I was going to use another pattern, for a toe up sock, but after few rows I noticed that the increases around the toes were creating holes and the fabric wasn’t tight enough, so I changed to a leg down pattern. This way I hope the decreases will create a firmer fabric around the heels and toes.
I’m using 2.25 mm needles and I casted on 64 stitches for the biggest size. It looks like the size it’s just perfect for me, so I guess they’ll fit my sister, my youngest nephew, my mum or my dad too. They’ll make a great quick present for birthdays and xmases so I hope this first try turns out all right!
The yarns I’m using are machine washable but as I ALWAYS hand wash my knitting items, I wonder how do you wash and dry your hand knitted socks? Any tips and does and don’ts to recommend me?  :)

2 thoughts on “Socks!

  1. Lovely socks. Great colour combination. I wash mine in a laundry net bag in with the rest of my 30 degrees wash. If I ever knit up all the sock yarn in my stash I’ll be able to do a whole load of a ‘gentle’ wash. I’d love to see rows and rows of socks hanging over the bars of my clothes dryer!

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