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Different Twins

I’ve knitted my first pair of socks and guess what? I love them!

I really enjoyed the process, the doing something completely new and different for a change, the challenge of the fitting and the fact that it doesn’t take very long to knit a pair of sock. I needed a quick and relatively easy project to complete in just few hours and this one was perfect!
I love stripes and I think you can achieve a lot of different styles using different colors. For this pair of socks I opted for a very bright and young green paired with a cool brown to tone the green down a bit and I can already see my nephew wearing them! To make the socks a bit more interesting and fun, I’ve knitted them swapping the colors around so that in one sock prevails the green, while in the other one the brown.  I’ve use the jogless method to alternate the stripes, but you can still see where I changed color.
I can’t wait to cast on the next pair and maybe I’ll choose more girly and sophisticated colors so I can gift the socks to one of the ladies in my family or friends. I’m on a roll and Xmas is behind the corner, who wants a warm pair of socks? :)

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