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Happy Monday everyone! Here it is another finished knitting project of mine. It has been laying around for more than a month, but finally I blocked it and took some photos.

It’s the Marius sweater, worked from the bottom up in the round. I used Traveller by CY, dyed in gradient set #3, which goes from a pale lilac-blue to a lovely bright and darker lilac. I had bought it as an Oddity so the skeins weren’t exactly 4oz, therefore I had to use other colors for the yoke. I went for Looking Glass for the motif and Peshawar for the background and they match perfectly the shades of the gradient set.
I decided to knit this sweater in a size bigger than usual as I thought it was a more appropriate look for this pattern and I’m very happy with how it turned out. It’s not only cozy and warm, but also very comfortable to wear. I modified a bit the numbers of stitches here and there and also added some waist shaping, even if on an “oversized” pullover they are barely noticeable.
Now I’m knitting another pullover, it will be my Xmas present for dad. It has a bit of purple in it, but I promise that my next project will be in a totally different color, I used way too much purple lately and I need a change!

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