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Custom Orders!

It has been a while since my last post, but life here has been a bit busy and I have had nearly no time for crafting! So I thought to break this blog silence showing you some lovelies I got few weeks ago from the amazing guys at Cephalopod Yarns.

Let me tell you the story – they offered custom half pound of Traveller, which means you could place an order on the site and then send them an email with a photo and/or description of what you’d like your yarn to be.

I bought three lots of half pounds and decided to dye two of them in lovely shades of pinks and oranges and the other one in a neutral light taupe. My plan is to use the orange pound for a sweater and the taupe as contrast in colorworks as lately I really love knitting stranded garments.
I knew which colors I wanted my yarn to be so it was easy to find on the internet some photos to represent my ideas.

Here it’s my first color choice – the rose is the inspiration and the yarn I got is just amazing. I really love the dyers interpretation of the photo I sent them and I can’t wait to cast on!

And here it’s the light taupe, a lovely warm neutral that goes well with heaps of other colors and it look also great with my custom Rose Garden.



I’m very happy they offered the opportunity to order custom colors as I’ve always craved for a sweater quantity in these shades of orange. On top of that the base CY decided to offer is my favorite yarn Traveller so my happiness is double!
At the moment I’m knitting a cardigan in Skinny Bugga and even if this base is gorgeous, I’m struggling finishing the project – fingering weight isn’t my cup of tea and the knitting feels never ending. But I’m nearly done and you’ll see my make very soon!
Have a good week end everyone!

2 thoughts on “Custom Orders!

  1. Caspita, sono veramente bravi a tingere i filati! Praticamente, hanno riprodotto esattamente il medesimo colore rispetto al campione proposto. Sono bellissimi entrambi, il taupe è elegantissimo. Aspettiamo ora di vedere le foto dei lavori finiti! Magari abbinati ad un bell’abito……un caro saluto! Paola

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