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My Pink Sheep!


Hello from Italy, folks! I’m home and very happy to be here!!!

This is part #2 of the Outfit Along 2014 organized by Lauren and Andy. I knit this cardigan to go with the last dress I made, the Floralex.

As you may imagine, I’ve used CY Traveller. A very sad note: Cephalopod Yarns is closing down and it’s happening right in these days. I’m extremely sad about it, I’ve been knitting exclusively with CY in the last two years and I didn’t expect something like that. I know I’ve heaps of Traveller, but I wish I had bought even more to be safe for few more years. I’ll miss all the gorgeous colours CY staff created constantly and all the excitement about updates and limited editions – I truly, deply miss it all. Anyhow I wish all the best to all the squidlets and I hope they’ll dye yarn again one day, to give us knitters more amazing colours. The colours I’ve used this time are: Stranger’s Home (blurple), a couple of pink Oddities, Hokunoshima (second pink from the top) and Bamfield (the last very pale pink at the bottom). I’m in love with this colour combination – I think all these pinks complement really well the blue-purple tones of Stranger’s Home.

Pattern wise, I’ve used Rililie Dessine-Moi un Mouton but I’ve changed the construction a bit. I wanted a cardigan, not a pullover and also something a little less boxy so I changed the number of stitches for both front and back and added a steek at the centre front which I then cut open. For the edgings I’ve opted for twisted ribbing and icord bind off with built in buttonholes. I think it all worked pretty well. Basically, after cutting the steek open, I’ve picked up the stitches for the left front, ribbed for a couple of cm and left them on hold, then I’ve done the same for the right side, and finally for the neckline (the stitches of the waist ribbing were already on hold). I then knit a row with one of the pinks (RS) joining together on the same needle all the stitches left on hold, binding off two stitches every 4 cm or so for the buttonholes, along the right front side. For the icord bind off, which is worked on the wrong side of the garment and all in one swing, I’ve switched to a different pink (I’ve first provisionally cast on 3 stitches and then started the bind off and once I’ve reached the end of the round, I’ve grafted the two ends of the icord *almost* invisibly). To create the buttonholes, once I reached the two stitches gap done on the previous row, I’ve turned the work on the RS and cable cast on two stitches, turned again the work back to the wrong side and kept going with the icord bind off and so on. And there you go, you’ve pretty and hidden buttonholes!

I’ve used icord bind off along the sleeve cuffs too, to keep the work homogeneous – I’m not a fan of mismatching edgings – but I did something special, as Dessine-Moi un Mouton has pretty special cuffs and I wanted to keep them that way. I’ve basically start knitting the icord before doing the bind off and kept knitting it after, creating two tails which I then tied in a little tiny bow on each sleeve. Sweet, isn’t it?



To hide the steek I’ve used some matching bias binding which I’ve hand stitched to the wrong side of the ribbing once the cardigan was already washed and blocked. When doing so, make sure you don’t stretch or pull the binding (or whatever you decide to use to cover the steek – ribbon, gros grain, fabric) otherwise the line of stitches will be pulling towards the wrong side and will be visible on the right side. When catch stitching, try to do not pull the thread too much and space the stitches evenly, catching the purl bumps on the wrong side of the garment right in the middle so that the stitches won’t show on the right side.

Steeking and cutting the knitting is always a bit scary and I usually run way too many rows of stitching on the steek bridge, but I guess it’s just because I don’t do it often and I’m not sure yet of how the wool will behave. But hey, better too much than not enough, right? That said, Traveller did a very good job and nothing bad – unravelling – happened.

Dessine-moi un mouton is a very easy pattern (Rililie instructions are super detailed and very beginner-friendly) and the broken seed stitch and stripes are very fun to knit. Colour possibilities are endless and, speaking for myself, I could knit a “sheep” for every day of the year – just wish I had the time to do it! True is, I’ve already started another one and I’m trying to stick to the instructions and knit a boxy pull as per pattern, I think it’s gonna be a nice addition to my never-worn-winter wardrobe! Also, the top down saddle-raglan sleeves construction is just perfection: it suits my frame very well and way better than a regular raglan would so I really need another Mouton!

Did you try any of Rililie’s patterns yet? What do you think?

My ravelry page for this project is here.


P.S. I finally bought my first pair of Melissa designed by Vivienne Westwood and I looooooove them! They are perfect for this dress!


9 thoughts on “My Pink Sheep!

  1. Adorable outfit. I love the dress and the cardigan. I’m participating in the OAL but, despite scoffing at the amount of time allowed at the beginning, I haven’t finished my cardy yet! Still time though. Also, I’m taking my dress round to my friend’s house this afternoon to see if we can do anything about making it a bit less large across the shoulders but I don’t hold out much hope. I wouldn’t want to be competing for prizes with your outfit in any case!
    Pardon my ignorance, but what is a steek?

  2. Carlotta è bellissimo questo completo!!!! Favoloso, accoppiata abito e golfino strabiliante!!! Sei troppo bravissima, perdona l’italiano. Le scarpe sono la ciliegina sulla torta.
    Sei in Italia, quindi…..spero che da voi il tempo sia migliore, anche se forse proveniendo dal tuo clima la pioggia può essere piacevole.

    Ora vado a vedermi il modello del golfino, mi piace un sacco. Credo che andrò da Luisa mercoledì pomeriggio dopo le 16,00: non so che programmi tu abbia, ma ti vedrei volentieri, soprattutto se porterai i tuoi bellissimi capi.

    Ma che brutta notizia che la CY chiude, ma come mai? Per fortuna sono riuscita ad acquistarla, non l’ho ancora lavorata, ma la trovo molto bella. Ogni tanto pur producendo filati di qualità le case produttrice o chiudono o non producono più il filato….boh, strane logiche commerciali.

    Un caro saluto! Paola

    1. Paola ormai non so più come ringraziarti per i complimenti che mi fai!
      Il tempo qui a Pistoia fa pena, anche oggi piove…e io che volevo andare sui monti a camminare!
      Non ho ancora deciso quando venire su a Milano, ti faccio sapere appena posso cosi magari ci si organizza!
      La CY chiude perchè la padrona ha problemi di salute, è stato un duro colpo e ancora non mi ci sono abituata. Sono triste, triste.
      Ci sentiamo! un abbraccio =)

  3. I love every single thing that you make!! The dress is fabulous, the cardi simple perfection! Could I call you Miss Perfection? Could I? I am very sorry about the closure of CY, and I’m happy to have bought 5 skein so I have them in my stash for feature project. Welcome back in Italy, are you on Hollidays? Xoxo, Giusy

    1. Thanks Giusy! I’m still very upset about CY closure and I feel so incredibly lucky to have a decent amount of their amazing yarns. I really don’t know which other brands to buy…I suppose I’ll get use to it but at the moment I’m just really sad.
      I’m just on holiday, I’ll go back to OZ in August…hopefully the weather is gonna behave!

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