Two Piece Set-Acular!


Co-ordinates are the trend of the moment and the gorgeous Sophie at Ada Spragg knew it already several weeks ago when she thought to organize a Two Piece Set-acular party. How to resist? Well, I couldn’t, but my co-ord was completely unplanned, here is how it was born.

When I was in Italy I went shopping and bought a H&M fluted skirt which I feel very comfortable and confident wearing as I think it suits me, so of course I tried to find the perfect pattern to replicate it. McCalls probably read my mind when published M6842 because it really is the same skirt!
For this first version – because there will be more, no worries! – I’ve used an awesome printed cotton sateen – the print is truly gorgeous with deep blues and splashes of magenta, green and aqua and the weight just perfect for getting the right amount of flare.


The last time I’ve used a Big4 pattern was ages ago so I really didn’t know which size to use and of course I chose the wrong one. Following the finished garment measurements chart on the back of the envelope and the measurements on the pattern tissue, I went for something in between a 10 and a 12 for the waist, grading down to a 6 for the hips. Comparing the skirt pieces with my RTW skirt I’ve immediately noticed a fair amount of ease difference but I went ahead and sewed the pieces together, taking care of increasing the SA at the side seams to 2cm. Not enough. My skirt was sitting slightly below my belly button, not at the waist as per the pattern envelope lady. Obviously, being faithful and hopeful, I tried the skirt on only once it was completely finished, facings and all. So, what to do? I put it on again and tried to pinch the sides, to get a closer fit and therefore raise the waistline, but in order to do so I should have unstitched basically the whole thing. No good. So I tried to pinch the back instead and decided to create two vertical darts, about 7cm from the zipper and just under 1cm deep. And it worked! The skirt sits now parallel to the floor and on my waist and it looks exactly as I wished.


For the facing – instead of following the pattern – I’ve used the yoke skirt pieces so I could hide underneath the majority of seams. I’ve stitched my new facing in place following this Tasia’s great tutorial and the whole thing looks now very neat and tidy.
I let the skirt hang on my mannequin for a day expecting it to relax a fair bit, but the cotton sateen behaved beautifully and didn’t stretch a lot, so all I had left to do was to overlock the hem, turn it under and stitch it in place.


Now, this awesome fabric just screamed to be used, every single centimeter of it, so I had to sew a top to go with my skirt and here it’s where the Two Piece Set-Acular came in hep. I knew I wouldn’t look ridiculous because there are heaps of example of co-ord around at the moment, you can see them everywhere, so I felt authorized to sew one for myself and give this gorgeous fabric justice!


The top is my second go at the Grainline Studio Scout Tee (you can see the first version here). This pattern is very versatile – depending on the fabric you decide to use the look of the t-shirt changes dramatically and can be used in heaps of different styles. Also, in a matter of minutes and with very easy alterations, you can customize the length of the sleeves and body and add simple details, like pockets or different necklines. The Scout Tee is definitely a great pattern to hack.


As before, I cut a size 8 at the bust, grading down to a 6 at the waist. Following Jen’s tutorial on how to sew a sleeveless Archer Shirt, I shortened the shoulder of 1.5cm each side, so the shoulder width would look like more as a tank top. I also cut the front and back necklines with a deeper scoop too – about 5 cm deeper at the back and 2 at the front, to create a more summery look and mainly because here it’s gonna be very warm very soon and the less amount of coverage, the better.


Finally I’ve shortened the body by 10cm – otherwise the top would have looked too long on top of the skirt and also because I didn’t have much fabric left. To break the mono-patterning a bit, I’ve sewn a super cute pinkish Pom Pom trim to the hem – the color matches very well the fabric and helps keep the two pieces *separated*.


This kind of set reminds a lot of what my nana could have sewn and worn back in the 60’s and 70’s, when the matching separates where popular, I guess on the lines of the beautiful Jacky Kennedy suits. Good times for fashion!


So, are you joining the Two Piece Set-Acular party too and whip up a tremendous co-ordinate set?!


13 thoughts on “Two Piece Set-Acular!

  1. This looks cute – love the pompoms!
    I see you are wearing your swedish clog shoes. I took your word for it that they are comfortable and bought a pair to trudge endlessly around Europe’s largest flea market in last month and you were right! Hours of walking and no sore feet so thanks for the tip.

  2. Ti veste benissimo ed è molto originale, sia nella stampa che nel modello. Mi piace molto il gioco delle diverse lunghezze del top, io ho realizzato una maglia di Brooklyn tweed che ha il medesimo “taglio” in versione lanosa ed è vincente! Sei bravissima!!! Paola

  3. Grazie Paola! Dimmi, dimmi, che modello hai sferruzzato di BT? Mi piacciono molto i loro modelli, l’unica cosa che non adoro é il fatto che molti siano fatti a pezzi e poi cuciti. Pollice su per gli orli asimmetrici comunque! :)

  4. Love the fabric!! Such a cute outfit, nice work. I just bought that skirt pattern 2 weeks ago and I was wondering about the fit as well because there are no finished measurements for the waistline. Typical of the Big 4 I guess. Yours looks great, I am sure you will get lots of wear with the matching top and as a separate.

    1. Yeah, the big4 have never been big in giving exact measurements, it’s very annoying! Anyhow, fixing this skirt is pretty easy, as long as you do it before stitching the facing, not once is completely finished as I did!

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