Knitting plans

Today I’m not gonna share a FO, but a couple awaiting to be casted on instead.

First up is my next Grettir! Yep, the sixth one. This one here is for my brother who, strange but true, has never received a knit present from myself. I need to fix that and I’ve chosen do make him a sweater. A great sweater. Actually the Perfect Sweater! Too high expectations, you think? I’ve decided to go with Grettir because it has a great fit and I know my brother is gonna love the colorwork as much as I do. But to knit something that really suits him, I need to modify the pattern a bit. The idea is to add a front zipper, make a different neckline and of course choose the right colors. The first two points are very easy to accomplish and I’m more worried about the colors he might like and above all wear. I had NOTHING, can you believe that?, in my stash that could have been appropriate for him so I had to finally find an alternative to my beloved company Cephalopod Yarns. Out there, there are another couple of companies selling the same base, the Traveller, but I couldn’t see the right colors in their websites or they either were out of stock for ages and I needed the yarn now! I kept looking and eventually found a good alternative.

The yarn I’m gonna use is from Tanis Fiber Arts, an indie company based in Canada that hand dyes a good variety of yarn bases in a gorgeous range of colors. I’ve gone for the Yellow Label DK weight – it’s cute how every base is named after a color of the rainbow – a 100% superwash merino with a yardage very similar to the Traveller (skeins are 115g/4oz per 238m/260yds) so I might be able to use them together in the same project. In comparison, the twist of the Yellow Label is slightly tighter and maybe there is a bit less ‘puffiness’ going on, but overall I’m very happy to have chosen this yarn and I’m pretty sure is gonna work out great for this Grettir. Downside of the story, now I want all the colors Tanis dyes. I see another addiction coming along.


Color-wise, my brother wears a lot of neutrals, like mauve, brownish greens and greys so I couldn’t go too crazy with colors as I’d normally would. I’ve purchased Olive for the body, Spruce for the darkest color in the yoke section – hoping that there will be enough contrast in between them two – and Chris Grey for the colorwork background. The latter has nice soft blueish undertones which are great next to the dark pine greens of Spruce. Just to let you know, Tanis website provide a truthful and accurate description of every color so it really is hard to choose the wrong one – I can’t stand when you see just a picture and no words to describe it as every device is different and it is often hard to get the right idea about a color. As third color in the yoke, I hope to be able to use some of my Traveller brightest greens adding a tiny little pop of color to the sweater. I’m extremely curious to see how this yarn knits up.

Also, are you ready for the 2014 Stephen West MKAL? The first clue will be released Friday coming and I have the feeling is like The Event of the year for every knitter on this planet. It’s his fourth edition and looks like is gonna be crazier and bigger than ever. For my version I’ve decided to finally use the San Valentine kit offered by CY in 2013, called ‘Love is a Four Skein Word’ and consisting in four different colors of Skinny Bugga. I’m gonna use only three of them – I still need to decide which ones thou – along with another Skinny in a darker wine color for contrast. The shawl will be very ‘me’, with plenty of pinks and reds which I love. I really can’t wait to get started and finally wind up all these lovely little skeins into balls of pure perfection.


So, are you joining this super fun and exciting MKLA too?


P.S. In the last pic you may have recognized one of the great Design Seeds palettes. I visit this website on every day basis and I always find gorgeous color inspirations there – I love every palette Jessica posts dayly. Thank you for sharing!

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