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Dad’s Pullover


Happy hump day everybody! How is your week going? Mine has been pretty good so far. I finally got back to jogging, the weather is nice and slightly cooler and as I’m going nuts about shirt-making, I’ve finished a knitting project.


I decided to knit my Dad a pullover with some leftover yarns I had around, so I could kill two birds with one stone! I really can’t stand wasting yarn, above all when it’s a precious one, so I’ve put together a sort of gradient scale with five different sort of greens and I’ve added a neutral to blend them all together. Also, I’ve mixed two different yarns, my ever favorite Cephalopod Yarns Traveller and Tanis Fiber Arts DK Yellow Label. They really knit up very well together and you can’t really tell the difference unless you look very closely. The weight is basically the same, Traveller is a bit softer thought.


From the bottom up, I’ve used: TFA Spruce, TFA Olive – left overs from this zip up cardigan, CY Peaks of Otter – from my Oranje, CY What Cheer and San Francisco Bay – both from my Bluesand Cardigan. The beige one is a  CY Traveller custom made color: it complements nicely all the other green-aquas, highlighting rather than of overpowering them.


As you can see from the photos, this pullover is way too big for me, but I’m pretty confident it will be perfect for my dad. Because I wanted to knit the sleeves in the contrasting color, I’ve knit them separately and then sewn them to the body. The last time I’ve constructed a sweater this way, it was ages ago, years even, and I’m impressed by how smoothly everything went together. I was worried I couldn’t do it and I was already ready to post the pullover home and let my mum put it together, but I did it! Even if the seaming came out pretty good, I’m not in love with the shape of these sort of sleeves. I prefer the look of yokes knitted in the round along with the body, in a whole piece, but that’s me. Anyhow, I’ve knitted the body in the round and then front and back separately and joined them at the shoulders with a three needles bind off. The sleeves have been knitted flat and then sewn to the body. Here it is a very clear tutorial on how to do that, on


I’ve added some stripes to the sleeves to echo the colors used in the body. I really wanted to avoid those sort of patchwork sweaters that you can guess from far far away that they’re made out of leftovers and I hope I’ve succeeded. I love every single color I’ve used and I like the fact they’ll always remind me of other projects I’ve knitted. As you can guess, I’m very attached to what I make!


Now I need some very selfish knitting and I’m looking for the perfect pattern. I want cables, lots of them and I’m thinking to cast on Ondawa by Michel Wang for Brooklyn Tweed. Or maybe Chainlink by Norah Gaughan, again for BT? What’s on your needles instead?


6 thoughts on “Dad’s Pullover

  1. Wow! What a beautiful FO! I actually really like this oversized sweater look on you! And you did such a great job on combining yarn – if you didn’t mention it in the post I would never guess it is a stashbusting project! I am sure your Dad will appreciate it!

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