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Megan Nielsen / Brumby


Hello everybody! I just got back from one of the most amazing places in the world (I’ll write a little post later this week about it!) and while I was away something happened – Megan Nielsen released her re-branded printed patterns and a new one has been added to the list too. Exciting!

First thing, have you seen how pretty are those new pattern drawings? Megan did them herself and I reckon she did an amazing job.

Second, a Megan Nielsen Patterns App has been created and, once installed and a personal account has been set up, you have access to instructions, important pattern info and extra features right on your phone or tablet. Cool uh?

Third, I was lucky enough to be included in Megan’s pattern testing process and here it is my Brumby! The Brumby Skirt is “a gathered skirt with deep scoop pockets. The pattern features exposed zipper and contoured waistband, sitting on the natural waistline. Version 1 is above the knee and includes pockets. Version 2 is midi length, includes pockets and additional fullness. Version 3 is a basic knee length gathered skirt.”

For this test version – I did variation 1 – I used some fabric I had in my stash, a medium weight denim with white polka dots. I love this pattern mostly because of its versatility. You can basically pick whatever fabric you want and it will work! From light to medium-heavy weigh materials, the sky is your limit, really. Plus, have you seen those deep awesome pockets? I mean, what’s better than this sort of pockets for hiding keys, phone and chewing gums?

The zipper insertion, which by the way was the very first exposed zipper I’ve ever done, is pretty straight forward and the instructions are very clear. So fear not, exposed zipper are just rad like that.

I also love all the top stitching involved, I think it highlights the lines of the skirt and the pockets also.

Very little changes have been made to the pattern after the testing process, one being the adjustment of the waistband fit. I had to remove some of the width from mine, to get a snug close fit, and most of the other testers had to do the same so the pattern has been updated accordingly. I love my gathered skirts to sit at my natural waist and Brumby now does.

But let’s stop talking and go get yourself a copy of this awesome new pattern! Also, if you’re curious to know more about the Brumby, check out Megan’s Blog for more info and details – from inspiration to fit and possible alterations. Loads of possibilities with this one! Gotta love it!


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