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Andi Satterlund – Vianne Cardigan for #OAL2015


Hello everyone and happy Sunday! Are you ready for another good dose of pink? Just warning you, because there is loads going on here. I might have exaggerated, but do you know what? I don’t care! That’s my mantra: sew and knit whatever makes you feel happy and feel good. Well, pink makes me extremely happy and I feel extremely good in wearing flamingos from head to toe! So there you have it, this is my finished outfit for the OAL2015!
You’ve seen the dress, today it’s the turn of my knitting item. I’ve decided to make Vianne by Andi Satterlund, aka Untangling Knots, because I think its shape suits nicely the lines of the Alder Shirtdress. The cardigan in fact features a slight curve at the back – created by the wide bias mesh panel – which resembles the dip hem of the dress.

Vianne is knit seamlessly from the top down, working first back and front separately, then joining them at the underarms and continuing down with waist shaping to the bottom ribbing. The sleeve stitches are picked up around the armhole, the sleeve cap is shaped with short rows and then the sleeves are knit in the round.

The yarn suggested for this pattern is DK, knit at a loose gauge to create a lighter weight fabric, so I of course dug into my stash and found some skeins of my precious Cephalopod Yarns perfect for this project. I usually don’t swatch any more when I use CY Traveller as I know I like it best knit with 3.5mm needles and I roughly know the number of stitches I need to make something which fits me right. This time, though, I tried to follow the pattern as much as I could, so I went up in needles size to get the suggested gauge. Vianne is knit with 5mm needles, but I’m a fairly loose knitter, so I used 4mm instead. I did get a fabric with more drape, but my row gauge was off – too loose – so I eliminated some rows in the shoulder to underarm area to counter for it.

Also, I decided to work less waist decreases, just a total of four, because I don’t like too tight cardigans. Vianne should be worn with up to three inches of negative ease, but I find it a bit too much. I don’t like it when button bands gape and buttons come open. I don’t understand why this is a no-no in sewing, but some find it cute in knitting garments, go figure! Anyhow, I’m not negatively judging this pattern, it’s just my point of view on cardigans and in shirts in general. As you can see from the photos, the top button on my Vianne is open, exactly because it looked like it was about to explode. Funnily enough, the rest of the cardigan looks good, not too tight, so if I’m gonna knit this garment again, or I’ll add some stitches around the bust just to gain a couple of centimeters or I’ll remove the top button all together. We’ll see.
Anyhow, apart from the above changes, I otherwise followed the instructions for the size M. Once I reached the desired length, I’ve switched to 3.5mm needles and continued with the ribbing, which I twisted, because I like it better that way.

I really like this little cardigan, but I’m not quite sure about the fit. I surely should have knit even less rows for the upper bust, the armholes are evidently too big and droopy. This is sort of fixed bunching up the sleeves and bringing the fabric more towards the underarms. It’s ok, but it’s not perfect. Also, I’m not a fan of this method for knitting the sleeves. I love the fact they are seamlessly worked top down and I love their shape, but the picking up of the stitches is a bit too evident, creating little holes all around the sleeve cap, which I’m not mad about. It’s probably my fault too, as I don’t often knit patterns using short rows to shape the sleeve cap and I’d probably do with some exercise, so that’s the result. I guess it’s not bad, I’m just being picky.

Vianne is a quick knit and once you get the hang of the lace pattern, it’s very easy too. I’ve added a couple of stitch markers to help remind me where to start the different motif charts, that way was pretty straight forward recognizing where I was up to. This is certainly a sweet garment, both to make and wear. Now please, bear with me and excuse my face and the brightness in the image below, but I just wanted to post it because I really like the way the dress and cardigan look in the photo.

Enough talking about numbers and fit, let me talk about the pink – or I’d better say the pinks! I’ve used three different colors for this project. The body and part of the sleeves are knit alternating two very similar pinks, Trinket Island and an Oddity – which I suppose was a batch went wrong of that exact color – two beautiful pinks with coral and pale pink accents, very summery (did I say pink?). The lower part of the sleeves is instead knit in Tibet, a more uniform bright pink (sorry, pink again!), which nonetheless mixes very well with the other two. The result reminds me of deep dyed fabrics or gradient yarns, changing slowly from a light to a darker shade. I really like it!

The white background and the light pinks of my flamingo fabric are a strong contrast for the bold pink of my Vianne, but I think the shoes tie everything together. They have all the above colors and even if at the beginning I was a bit unsure about the pairing, now I’m looking at the photos, I’m totally sold!

So, did you participate too to the OAL2015? What are your plans? Or which is your outfit, if you’ve already finished it? I’m curious to see them, so please, do tell me!


You can find my Vianne on Ravelry, here.

12 thoughts on “Andi Satterlund – Vianne Cardigan for #OAL2015

  1. Your sweater looks great! I sped through the body portion of Vianne earlier this month but have been dreading starting the sleeves and have been working on more mindless projects. I need to get going and finish mine up! I like yours a lot. :)

    1. Thank you, Jennifer! The sleeves aren’t as difficult as they sound. Plus, you don’t have to worry about lace charts, so they’re fairly quick to knit too. Good luck, can’t wait to see yours!

    1. Thanks, Jillian. I love pink, so my opinion doesn’t really count, but this shade is just perfect, not too sweet and too bright, love it!

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