Papercut Patterns / Fall Turtleneck

Hello everyone! it’s been AGES since my last post, but life sometimes sucks and basically that’s why I’ve been away from my sewing machine and blog too. I’ve been trying to make something, because you know, it’s hard not to think about sewing and knitting all the pretty things even when you’re in an extremely bad mood, so here I am with a new top!
Since moving back to Italy my wardrobe was in desperate need of long sleeve garments and as the weather is quickly turning cooler and cooler, a turtleneck sounded perfect. I love Papercut Patterns latest collection Chameleon and I was really itching to try the Rise and Fall Turtlenecks pattern. As the name suggests, it comes in two options- a more fitted version (Rise) and a dropped shoulders loose fitting variation (Fall), which is the one I made.
The fabric is a lightweight jersey, of unknown content, most probably polyester and viscose, but with a nice hand and drape. I really like the exagerated leopard print – it really goes well with jeans for a casual look or paired with black for a more elegant stype.
Based on the finished measurements, I cut a XS and added 5 cm to the body lenght. I also did my usual 1/2″ forward shoulders adjustment. This top goes together extremely quickly and for the first time I’ve sewn up the whole thing on my overlocker and I’m stoked by how much faster the whole process is. The seams don’t stretch much, so I guess I’ve used a too high differential feed speed, what do you al think? Any thoughts on the subject?
Before hemming I’ve tried the top on, as I noticed it looked a bit skimpy, and in fact it was too short on both sleeves and body. To solve the problem I’ve added bands made of self fabric to every hem allowance, adding a couple of cm to the slevees and about 6 to the body. For a proper cold-proof top, I think I could do with an even longer body, so next time I’ll lenghten the pattern accordingly.
The turtleneck itself is very comfortable. I don’t usually like this sort of neck finishings because I find them constricting, but this one is pretty loose and it doesn’t chocke me at all, therefore thumbs up!
The Fall (or Rise) Turtleneck is a super quick make and in just a few hours you can have a brand new top, that’s another reason I chose this pattern. At the moment I don’t have much time to dedicate to sewing and I’m happy of being able to put my hands on these kind of patterns – easy and stylish, but also very rewarding makes. On top of that, with the winter just around the corner and a new lifestyle, I find myself reaching always more and more for simple garments, easy to wear and to take care of. I don’t wear skirts or dresses daily any more, like I used to in Australia, but I live in jeans or leggings and pullovers instead, so my sewing has to change too. Despite how much I love making pretty dresses, I’ve to admit they don’t fit in my wardrobe any more – or at least for now! – and I should try to concentrate my little attention onto pants, jumpers, cardigans and coats instead.
That said, I’ve been already nauty and cut a cute shining dress for the upcoming Holidays, but on the other hand I’ve been more sensible and  bought the new gorgeous pattern by Closet Case Files, the Clare Coat. I’m really set on making one very soon and can’t wait to find the time to do it, hopefully before Xmas (ok, that’s just dreaming!). In the meantime it’s better if I go painting my new house or it won’t be ready any time soon!
Have a good sunday everyone!

11 thoughts on “Papercut Patterns / Fall Turtleneck

  1. This pattern is seriously gorgeous! I never paid it much attention when the collection came out, too busy drooling at the Yoyo dress, but yours and a few other sewing this pattern it’s been added on the list! As well as the Clare coat!! Closet Case Files has got me dreaming about that coat and Fuchsia! :)

    1. The beauty of this pattern is in its simplicity and elegance, I love it! And the Clare Coat it’s just extremely cute and I hope easy to make too!!! I’ve got some pink Melton and can’t wait to get started!

  2. This is the nicest version I’ve seen, due to that fabulous fabric! I’m too scared to fully construct on my overlocker, I still baste with my machine then go over the seams! Chicken right!

    1. Thank you!!! I think this the perfect pattern to try sewing just with your overlocker – there are very few seams and all straight so it’s hard to go wrong! Give it a go! ;)

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