Named Clothing / Alexandria Peg Trousers


Hello everyone, how is your 2016 going? I can’t believe we’re already in March, time really decided to fly this year. I didn’t make many things in the last few weeks, but I’ve decided to tackle one of the garments on my #2016makenine list and started with the piece of clothing I needed the most: pants.
Here it’s my second attempt at the Alexandria Peg Trousers by Named Clothing. The first pair has been kindly donated to my mum, as they were way too big for me, even if with a tad of regret as the fabric was a lovely checked black Ponte de Roma (o Punto Milano as it’s called here in Italy).


For this pair I’ve used again a Ponte, in gray, found at the market for just €5. Before cutting again in a lovely material, I wanted to alter/check the fit and see if I effectively liked the pattern. So … I cut a smaller size than the one I was suppose to, a 34, and made the following alterations: lengthened the legs by 6 cm, 1.5 cm flat buttock adjustment and removed 1.5 cm from the crotch length, taking in only the back inseam and redrawing the crotch curve. This eliminated the extra fabric pooling under my waist and also the bagginess in the back. As the back still seemed full, I’ve also removed 1,2 cm evenly from waist to hem, taking a vertical tuck parallel to the grainline. To restore the original waist size, I re-added the same amount to the side seams. The reason I did this is I was worried the trousers wouldn’t pass smoothly over my hips, but as I’ve used s stretch fabric, I could have left those few cm out without dramas.


All those alterations were a bit of a guess, as I’ve sewn very few pair of pants, but the book Pants for Real People by Pati Palmer and Marta Alto was of great help and I’m happy with the result. On top of that, I think this is a simple pair of trousers to modify and the fit is pretty loose, so perfect for beginners in this field, like me!


Sewing together the Alexandrias was very easy – the hardest part was feeding the elastic through the casing! – and I had them cut and done in just a few hours. I’ve serged most of the seams and this time I’ve skipped the waist drawstring, for an even quicker make.


For the pocket bags I’ve used some black poly lining I found in my sister’ scraps of fabrics and I’ve to admit I hate the feel of that stuff. Next time I’ll use some fancy printed cotton instead.


The look of my Alexandrias isn’t as classy as the one of Named sample, but I really needed a comfy pair of pants and this fabric is very much so. I’ve worn them heaps and that’s probably why they are bagging a bit at the knees. This pants’ silhouette isn’t one I’d usually choose, with pleats at the front and elasticated waistband, but I think it doesn’t look too bad, so I’ve decided to make more, in a woven material for a more polished style. I love the short version as well, with that super cute dolphin hem – I’ll keep it in mind for summer!


Now let’s sew my next #2016makenine project, I would really like to make the Clare Coat before winter is over – or maybe I should say before winter gets here! – but the lack of time and the tracing of all those pieces is keeping me from starting. Maybe I should leave it for when I’ve more time and get ready for spring instead. What’s on your sewing table this weekend, any pattern to recommend?

7 thoughts on “Named Clothing / Alexandria Peg Trousers

  1. This pattern is on my to sew list. I think U’ll needs flat bottom adjustment too. I’m iff to read up on it now. Great pants by the way. I hadn’t thought of making a ponti pair so thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Hi Anna! This pair of pants is perfect for lounging all day, great for rainy weekends like this one! I did a flat butt adjustment, do you think I need to remove even more fabric from the back?

  2. They look great, a dressed up sporty look. I hate inserting the elastic so if I have enough I insert mine as I sew, unstretched, then when the casings finished pull the elastic to the required length, sew ends together and trim off. It’s worth buying the extra needed to make like easier. Good luck with your next pair – your adjustments look spot on! 😃

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